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Students aged 9+

Tutor led courses at school, out of school or via Zoom

At typeify, we teach students to type quickly and accurately without looking at the keyboard.

In school, children are not taught how to type. It's not in the national curriculum. We teach children this lifelong skill through a fun and interactive course.

"My friends can't believe how fast I

type now! They all want to do the

course too." - Zachary, student

Q. Why learn to touch type?

  • increase productivity, finish work more quickly

  • focus on creative writing - not on the typing

  • improve speed and accuracy; e.g exams, coding or Ai

  • help children keep up with their classmates

  • reduce the risk of RSI with correct positioning

  • lifelong skill for school, university and beyond

  • less typos which means better spelling

  • we aim to reach 15-45 words per minute. Some students have achieved as high as 60+wpm

happy child touch typing
Small class of 
 10 students or less
Course starts from only £150
per student
8 Hours 
of total course
Tutor led courses to assist and prevent bad habits
Laptops provided - with keys hidden!
A computer representing bespoke courses

Bespoke web-based program

Our lessons follow a pattern to build muscle memory through repetition, commonly used words and fun games!

Two people representing an expert and a student

Expert coaches

Our courses are run by business professionals or teachers. They are all enhanced DBS vetted and great with children!

An upward trending chart representing tracking progress through the course

Track progress

Stay up-to-date with progress through the typing platform analytics.

Pieces of a jigsaw representing the activity pack

Activity pack

Our online practise is complemented by an unique activity workbook to keep the students engaged and motivated as they learn new keys.

A sand timer represeting that there is six months access to the program on the course

Six months post-course practise

Six months access to the web-based program with additional practise and games to complete at home after the course has finished.

Course Levels:

A Bronze Award

1.  Bronze - suitable for beginners. In this course, students learn all 26 letters on the keyboard, 4 punctuation marks (full stop,  comma, semi colon and backslash) and many commonly typed words.

A Silver Award

2.  Silver - suitable for students who can already touch type all 26 letters on the keyboard. This course focuses on learning to touch type all punctuation marks and numbers, improving speed and accuracy, and some dictation.

A Gold Award

3.  Gold - suitable for students who can already touch type all letters and punctation marks. This course is designed to enhance speed and accuracy, with advanced note taking (typing the key points, rather than just typing verbatim). This extra taught skill is not only useful in writing projects, listening to teachers, in seminars and lectures, but vital in many professions.

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