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Tutor led courses at your place of work


This is why we have designed our Platinum Course to give professionals the skill and ability to complete work more quickly, which means working few late hours and a better work/life balance.

"Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can't afford to lose." - Thomas Edison, Inventor
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At typeify, we believe adults, across a huge range of professions, will see major productivity benefits from typing quickly and accurately, without looking at the keyboard. 

sizes of

10 or less
14 hour courses start from only £300
per adult
Bespoke courses with industry specific words & phrases
Tutor-led courses to assist and prevent bad habits
Laptops provided - with keys hidden!

Complete the webform below to discuss a tailored course schedule to fit in with your business.

Platinum Course For Professionals
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The 14 hour Platinum professional course is typically split into 3-5 hour sessions, spread over 3-4 days and is based at your place of work. Currently only Central London, North London and Hertfordshire. (If you are based outside these regions, please still do enquire as we are in the process of expanding and would love to work with you in the future).

A fully trained member of the typeify team will run the course to help assess everyone's abilities and identify and iron out any bad typing habits.

The cost is per course and is suitable for a maximum of 10 people.

With all this in mind, we are flexible and can tailor the course schedule to fit around your business needs.

Laptops are provided for the course, as they have the letters hidden to aid faster touch typing learning. In addition, the typeify laptops are free from work distractions, such as emails! Practice outside of the course sessions is strongly recommended.

Make two finger typing a thing of the past. Fill out the Contact Form below to discuss your requirements.

Central London,
North London

courses to fit your business

14 hour course

Important Benefits Learning to Touch Type With typeify

Touch typing at work means you can forget about concentrating on the keyboard or searching for the backspace, and instead put your brain to better use in concentrating on what you need to write or what is being said in meetings.

Q: Why learn to touch type?

  • increase productivity, finishing work more quickly

  • focus on creative writing - not on the typing

  • improve speed and accuracy for coding

  • reduce the risk of RSI with correct positioning

  • lifelong skill

  • we aim to double or triple typing speeds. Some students have achieved as high as 60+wpm

  • but it's not all about speed. With less typos, spelling accuracy will also improve dramatically!

  • Benefits people with dyslexia, dyspraxia and those with poor confidence in handwriting

Q: What tasks can Touch Typing help me with?

Everywhere you need to type! Taking notes in meetings, transcribing, dictation, filling in forms, data entry, police interviews, completing medical forms, writing projects and assessments, emails, legal documents and letters....the list is endless.


Touch typing allows you to type faster and more efficiently. When you don't have to search for the right keys, your typing speed increases significantly.


Touch typing promotes a relaxed and natural posture. When you don't strain your neck or hunch over the keyboard to see the keys, you minimize the risk of developing repetitive strain injuries (RSIs).


By learning the proper finger placement on the keyboard, you develop muscle memory, which helps you type the correct keys first time without having to look at them. This reduces time spent on correcting mistakes.


Keep your mind free to think about what you are writing rather than searching for the keys to type it.


Touch typing enables you to keep your eyes fixed on the screen. This means you can edit as you type rather than looking up to find everything has been written in Caps or in the wrong part of the document.


Once you can touch type, it is like riding a bike or driving a car. You can type on auto-pilot without even thinking about where the keys are.

Check your speed and accuracy with the typeify test

Try the typeify free test to find out your current typing speed and accuracy. 

Type the sample text for one minute to find out your results

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