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Keyboard with keys hidden to improve touch typing


What the students are saying....

Edward, 11

It is a very useful course to start learning to touchtype. A good introduction to an important skill that will help you in later life. Most jobs required the ability to use a computer successfully.


Eli, 11

It is a fun and effective way to learn and it is a really good program.

Aaron, 11

A fun course and is quick you can complete it in 4 days.


It was very well organised and had lots of features that helped me a lot.

Maya, 11

It is really fun and helps you type lots.

Jack, 14

This typing course is designed for people who need better typing on the computer and also taking computer science for GCSE. It made it easy to do my exams on my laptop.

Lyla, 10

It was fun and time flies by!

What the parents are saying....


The course was fantastic. Not only did my kids learn a valuable skill but they were genuinely excited to go each night. I would definitely recommend the course and we will definitely be trying to find a time to do the next level with Pippa.


My two children both absolutely LOVED attending. Pippa is patient and has a calm thoughtful teaching style which works for all types of kids.


The small group size was a lovely way to get some friendly competition going whilst learning to type. I think the course was good value for money and a good way for my child to learn the basics of touch typing in a fun and interactive way.  Thank you Pippa!


My daughter really enjoyed the Typeify course and was able to go from no typing experience to memorising most of the letters on the keyboard in a short space of time. She had fun and gained skills she will use for years to come.


My daughter is about to start secondary school and so we wanted her to build up her confidence and the ability to type well enough to complete the homework set. She was able to more than achieve this goal and her skill to work independently typing is now excellent.


My child not only enjoyed his time on the course but learnt a valuable skill.

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