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Duke of Edinburgh Award

Coming Soon.....

In the hope of empowering more young people with the invaluable and life long skill of touch typing, typeify have applied to become an approved activity provider with Duke of Edinburgh.

If you'd like us to keep you informed of when we are offering these courses, do fill in your email address below and we'll get in touch when the accreditation is in place.

In the words of DofE '...enhance your skills, and grow your confidence. It’s your DofE, so do it your way.'

The typeify DoE is a 12 week Flexi Time 'skills' course which fits around your schedule!

DoE Flexi Time Course


Duke of Edinburgh Award


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At your home in your own time


Weekly tutor review via email

Start anytime


12 week course


1 hour practise per week

'typeify' keyboard

The Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Skills is a 12 week remote Flexi Time course, which means that you complete the online lessons when it is convenient for you. The course requires approximately 1 hour of touch typing practise per week. The 'little and often' approach is best when learning to touch type; 10 minutes practise per day is better than a 1 hour stint per week.

Your tutor will review your keystrokes and send you weekly emails with feedback on your touch typing from the previous week together with tips to improve and your personalised lesson plan for the next week.  

The course has been carefully designed to establish muscle memory through repetition and games before the next pair of keys are introduced.

typeify will submit the assessor's report directly to DofE on your behalf at the end of the course. 

The welcome pack is sent to the student before they start the course, it consists of:

  • Full size USB keyboard with coloured coded dots to hide the keys

  • Activity workbook

  • Reward stickers

The congratulations pack is sent to the student after course completion:

  • Certificate

  • Prize

What you'll cover during the typeify DoE Skills Course:

A Duke of Edinburgh Award

After the course:

With the basics mastered during the 12 week course, you will have 6 month post course access to the program. This will give you time to further improve your speed and accuracy with plenty of additional practise available on the program.

Find out more about the DofE Flexi Time Course...

A computer representing bespoke courses

Our bespoke web-based program follow a pattern to build muscle memory through repetition, commonly used words and fun games!

Two people representing an expert and a student

Our courses are run by business professionals or teachers. All of our expert coaches are all enhanced DBS vetted and great with children!

An upward trending chart representing tracking progress through the course

Stay up-to-date by tracking progress through the typing platform analytics.

Pieces of a jigsaw representing the activity pack

Our online practise is complemented by an unique activity workbook to keep the students engaged and motivated as they learn new keys.

A sand timer represeting that there is six months access to the program on the course

Six months post-course access to the web-based program with additional practise and games to complete at home after the course has finished.

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